My Virtual World Project

“My Virtual World”- 3D Job Training for Autism aims to train adult educators, VET workers, employers and parents of young people on the autism spectrum to get into the labour market and retain sustainable employment.

The main objective will be to upskill educators and trainers using 3D Technology and raising awareness on how autistic people are impacted throughout the journey of looking for a job, along with helping employers to adopt better practices for the inclusion of employees on the autism spectrum.


The project´s priorities are:

To adapt vocational and educational training (VET) programmes to the skills and abilities of individual autistic learners, as well as to the labour market needs

To promote an innovative approach in employment and training for autistic people by developing a VET programme using digital technologies in virtual reality

To address digital transformation by using an existing platform developed in 3D Environment. The open-source platform will enable people to learn and experience the journey faced by an autistic jobseeker looking for employment.

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